The COOPINSU training academy is a private owned institution which primarily focuses on education and research in respect of insurance. The vision of CITA is to work to words empowering individuals to be self reliant by enriching them with attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to survive and thrive today’s comprehensive world, whilst fulfilling their societal.

CITA is passionate about upholding high attainders of ethical and moral values across the institution with a view to achieving the dual objectives of ensuring inward learning and promoting exceptional development programmers encompassing a wide – variety of keeping with emerging global trends and equipments, through which it intends to promote and propagate the concept of learning and development across the nation.

The scoop of CITA at present extends three separate areas, namely Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses and Professional Skills Development, advisory and competency enhancement.

Our Mission

Educate the occupied employee’s in a Insurance industry holistic manner, Capturing Insurance Ethics, improve the products knowledge, regulations and customers.

About The Institute

COOPINSU Training Academy is a Subsidiary of Co-Operative Insurance Company LTD since 2015. CITA is a registered professional education institute under the “Tertiary And Vocational Education Commission (TEVC) “. Currently we are offering Certificate Level Courses, Diploma Level coursers & Professional Skills Development Courses.

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